How to Design Redbubble Stickers

Redbubble is an awesome platform for artists to get their work noticed and get paid at the same time. In today’s post we take you through the process.


So, you’ve signed up to the Redbubble platform and have created an account, but you’re not sure where to get started. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a place to start selling your designs, but you’re not sure how to get started.

Creating Redbubble stickers is one of the most basic means of getting your work out there, fast. We’ve put together a summary of the Redbubble platform and the process of creating clean, crisp stickers.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a worldwide online marketplace website, specializing in print-on-demand designs that are created by users of the platform. Started in 2006, the website allows independent artists a means of advertising and selling their creations to a large audience, with minimal overhead.

Artists create an account with the platform and open their own online shop. From here, designs can be uploaded to the personalized space. Other users of the website can then purchase products, such as t-shirts and phone cases, incorporating the artists’ designs printed directly onto the product.

One of the products that can be designed and sold via the Redbubble platform is stickers, which are largely versatile and can be applied to nearly anything for customization. Creating these stickers is reasonably straightforward, but we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get the most out of the Redbubble sticker-creation process.


Examples of Redbubble artwork

How to Design Stickers for Redbubble

If you want your artwork to sell, then you’re going to need to make sure that you follow some advice when uploading your sticker designs to the Redbubble platform and converting them into stickers. This will ensure that your product designs are of the highest quality and more appealing to other users of the Redbubble platform. Below, we’ve put together a few pieces of advice that will help you to optimize your designs for print.

1. Choose the appropriate resolution

Such is the case with any design that you’d like to go to print and for sale, you must ensure that you select the highest-resolution files possible. This will result in prints that look clear and well-defined. Since Redbubble stickers can be purchased in sizes up to and including 14-inches, your files need to be high enough in resolution to ensure that they won’t become pixelated and blurred at the higher sizes available.

Additionally, you shouldn’t only consider the resolution of the file, but also whether your images will be attractive when blown up as a larger sticker. Pay close attention to the textures you’ve used, and the minute details that make up your print, as well as any text that might not scale so well.

2. Go for transparent backgrounds

As many of the sticker designs sold on Redbubble are irregular in shape, all stickers are created and sold as die-cut. As a result, you can have intricate designs and shapes with varied borders, as well as transparent sections within your design itself that show through to the product background.

As a result, before you proceed to export your image and upload it as a sticker, you should be on the lookout for any stray pixels, as when a sticker is printed, every section containing pixels has a border created around it that is subsequently die-cut. If you have stray pixels outside of your main design, they’ll be die-cut, creating an irregular sticker backing.

more-redbubble artwork

More Redbubble artwork

If you’re finding it difficult to spot any potentially stray pixels that may be left in your design, then it can be useful to create an intense-colored background layer behind the sticker elements, which will help you to spot them more easily. For example, if your sticker design is predominantly made up of whites, blacks and greys, then you may want to create a background layer consisting of a solid, bright-green or red color. This will clearly highlight any individual white, black or grey pixels, which can subsequently be removed from the design before submission.

3. Triple check your color choices

You’ll need to carefully consider the colors that you’re selecting when designing a new sticker print, as all Redbubble stickers are printed onto white vinyl. As a result, if your designs heavily incorporate any texts or visual elements using the hex code #FFFFFF (pure white), then they will not show up well on the final sticker design. What’s more, if your whole design, or borders of the image, are created using this color, then your design will be practically invisible, or have floating pixels.

It’s recommended to avoid using #FFFFFF as your external border color; if white is an important part of your design color scheme, then opt for something slightly off-white, such as #f0f0f0. This will prevent your design from being lost on the white vinyl background.


Redbubble art

Final Tips

By now, you should know how to upload and design your own stickers on Redbubble, and the platform itself is reasonably easy to start using and become familiar with.

However, before you head off to create a Redbubble account and start uploading all your designs, we have a few summarizing pieces of advice that you should follow to maximize your success with the Redbubble sticker creation tools.

  • Don’t rush your designs and take time to perfect the images, ensuring that you create the highest resolution files possible. You’re more likely to succeed in having your designs chosen and used by other people if you make sure they’re the highest quality that they can be.
  • Consider creating a series of more than one stickers that work well together, as some people prefer to collect similarly themed designs for use on their products. This can often have greater success than producing a string of seemingly unrelated sticker designs.
  • Consider promoting your stickers on social media websites or groups where other like-minded artists are doing the same. This could help you reach a wider audience with your designs.

Hopefully now you know how to design stickers for Redbubble. If you have any questions then get asking down below.

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